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Robert Hastings: herói ou vilão? James Carlson diz: vilão!

Tempo de leitura: 4 min.

O pesquisador e palestrante ufólogo Robert Hastings,  que foi um dos participantes da conferência no National Press Club sobre os OVNIs interferindo nas bases nucleares, (matéria postada aqui no OVNI Hoje) e  que também esteve na Central Michigan University, onde anunciou uma clara mensagem aos alunos daquela universidade de que “Discos voadores são reais”, volta às notícias.

Desta vez, ele estará palestrando na Universidade de Oxford no final deste mês.  O tema da palestra será OVNIs: A História Secreta, onde ele alega que os EUA têm encoberto as atividades alienígenas.

Durante suas aparições públicas ele tem afirmado: “eu acredito que a população estadunidense e as pessoas em todos os lugares, devem ter acesso aos fatos”.

Contudo, o que não está sendo noticiado no meio ufológico é que as declarações de Robert Hastings estão sendo contestadas.

O blog OVNI Hoje, após postar sua última reportagem sobre Robert Hastings, recebeu um comentário (em inglês ) do Sr. James Carlson, filho de um dos militares que trabalhava em uma das bases nucleares que teria alegadamente sido visitada por OVNIs.  No comentário ele afirma ter provado repetitivamente que Robert Hastings e seus associados mentiram e continuam mentindo à respeito desse caso e que os eventos nunca aconteceram.

Respondemos ao Sr. Carlson que, após analisarmos os links que ele nos enviou, se as evidências fossem coerentes, colocaríamos seu comentário em evidência neste blog.  E isso é o que estamos fazendo agora.

Fazemos isto, pois a missão deste nosso veículo de informação é a de apresentar os todos fatos para que sejam analisados.

Por evidenciarmos o comentário do Sr. Carlson, não significa que ele está correto em suas declarações. Tampouco significa que o Sr. Hastings está.  Porém, devemos mencionar que o Sr. Carlson alega estar respaldado pelos oficiais que trabalhavam nas bases nucleares na época que Robert Hastings disse que os eventos ocorreram.

Também observamos que o comentário abaixo é em inglês e um tanto extenso, envolvendo links para outros sites que também foram escritos em inglês, por isso não o traduzimos.  Assim, caso não consiga ler em inglês, favor utilizar um tradutor online. De qualquer forma, ficaremos à disposição para traduzir pequenos trechos extraídos do texto que forem enviadas para [email protected]).

Segue o comentário enviado pelo Sr. James Carlson:

[Recent discussions RE: the September 27 press conference at the NPC, Washington, DC to address “the vital issue of UFO incursions at U.S. nuclear weapons sites” is a pathetic joke on the American public. The organizers of this sideshow, Robert Salas, co-author of “Faded Giant”, and Robert Hastings, author of “UFOs and Nukes”, claim to be witnesses to “one of the top ten UFO cases best supported by the evidence” — the Echo Flight case analyzed in “Faded Giant” and a primary point of discussion for the conference. We have repeatedly proven that they have lied about this UFO case.

The organizers claim that in March 1967, UFOs interfered with the operations of two silo complexes attached to Malmstrom AFB, Montana and armed with Minuteman I missiles. These events are said to have occurred at Echo Flight on March 16, and Oscar Flight on March 24. The USAF officers manning these launch facilities dispute those claims. To understand the actual events of March 1967, including the incidents at Echo Flight and Oscar Flight, we encourage you to examine without any cost whatsoever the narrative discussing these incidents at http://www.scribd.com/doc/26641522/Americans-Credulous-by-James-Carlson, and more recent discussions at http://www.realityuncovered.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1688&sid=da8c688fe79cb16fb02369bcdb065e69, which will eventually be added to the original Americans, Credulous narrative. We strongly recommend examining the articles at http://www.realityuncovered.net, specifically the recent articles by Ryan Dube.

The commander of Echo Flight on March 16, 1967, Captain (Ret.) Eric D. Carlson, very recently released the following definitive statement:

“Let me start by stating that, as best as I can recall, my only contact with Salas and Hastings has been on the phone. … I have talked to a newspaper writer in Great Falls, several years age, and a TV producer from one of those UFO shows. With both these individuals I denied any knowledge of any UFOs at Malmstrom. In addition, I stated that there was no, repeat no, incident at Oscar flight as Salas maintains. The man is either lying or delusional.

“My memory is quite good regarding the events at Malmstrom and there is no doubt in my mind that there were no reports of UFO’s and no incident at Oscar flight. I will be willing to discuss this with anyone who is truly interested in the facts.”

His deputy commander at Echo Flight, Colonel (Ret.) Walter Figel, Jr., has also insisted that UFOs were not involved, and adds that his version of this event has been distorted by both Robert Salas and Robert Hastings in order to give the impression that an actual UFO was involved. He asserts very strongly that no UFOs were involved, nor were UFOs ever reported.

Robert Salas’ commander at Oscar Flight, Frederick Meiwald, insists that he doesn’t even believe in UFOs — a strange comment to make in light of Salas’ insistence that a UFO took out the missiles at Oscar Flight during an incident that emptied completely the security command post of all armed personnel in order to face down this threat. One would probably expect the commander of Oscar Flight, after experiencing such a watch, would have changed his opinions regarding UFOs, and yet, it did not.

It is a remarkable and shameful measure of journalism in the world today that the press has largely ignored the insistences of these primary witnesses that no UFOs were involved with any equipment failures at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967, preferring instead to rest their reporting with the prevarications of people like Hastings and Salas. People need to hold these men accountable for the paranoia they profit from, the lies they tell, the many lives they have been prepared to reduce in stature for their own aggrandizement, and the reputations they have consciously set out to diminish.]

Após analisarmos ambos os lados, não chegamos à uma conclusão definitiva, pois não tivemos a oportunidade de entrevistar em pessoa os envolvidos.  Contudo, não pecamos por omissão. Nosso trabalho continua.

Como diz o chavão: “a verdade está lá fora”.  Contudo, está muito difícil fazê-la vir para dentro.



VISITORS to the University of Oxford will be getting the inside scoop on alien activity later this month.

Robert Hastings will speak on UFOs: The Secret Story, in which he alleges the US has a “covert response” to alien activity.

He previously appeared on US chat show Larry King Live and in September spoke at a conference at which former US Airforce personnel divulged information about ‘UFO activity’ during the Cold War.

Mr Hastings said his interest in UFOs began in 1967, when he was at Malstrom Air Base in Montana and witnessed “two weeks of intermittent UFO activity.”

He said: “One night, five UFOs were tracked on radar for several minutes and jets were launched to intercept them.

“I later learned from Air Force sources that as the jets closed in, the UFOs performed a vertical ascent and left the area at enormous speed, far beyond the capability of any aircraft.”

Mr Hastings will be discussing his findings from the testimony of 120 former US military personnel when he comes to the city on November 24.

He said: “I believe that the American public, and people everywhere, should be given the facts.”

The talk will be in the Jacqueline Du Pre Auditorium at St Hilda’s College from 7.30 pm.

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